and advanced technology
at the service of the customer.

A modern and articulated structure.

Thanks to our qualified technical staff and our continuously updated state-of-the-art technology, we boast a completely in-house product creation and manufacturing process.  

A prerogative that allows us to respond in a punctual and customised manner to the needs of the customer in search of precision and quality, even for small batches.

From the design and production of the mould, to the prototyping and production of the high-performance plastic products, we control the entire production chain, guaranteeing the excellence of the product destined for various sectors.


Since 1961, our story tells of a constantly evolving company that began as a family business dedicated to the creation of injection moulds for plastics and, later, to the production of high-precision parts for the automotive sector.

Over time, the important commitment of our R&D and the constant upgrading of machinery have been combined with know-how, leading our company, today ATI S.p.A., to be recognised as a key player in the development and moulding of plastic components for different markets.