Research and innovation
at the heart of
our production process

GInvestments in R&D and high-tech machinery are the backbone of our company, contributing with the help of specialised personnel to valuable production versatility.

Cutting-edge Innovation.

Our ultra-modern equipment’s are the equipment’s fulcrum of our production versatility and flexibility and the pride of our company and customized service.    

In line with our origins, we have evolved by investing in high technology and enhancing the skills of our technical staff, in order to exploit our potential and thus expand our target markets.

Colour range

The colour range we propose and its quality are among our strengths thanks to:

  • Infinite shades of colours available.
  • Multiple finishes.
  • Colouring on sample.
  • Guarantee of colour accuracy in moulding.
  • Perfection of the result
    – perfect colours and transparencies
    – no black spot.